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Choice Hotels International, Inc. is a hospitality franchisor based in Rockville, Maryland, United States. The company, which is one of the largest hotel chains in the world, owns several hotel brands ranging from upscale to economy. As of June 30, 2020, Choice Hotels franchised 7,118 properties in 41 countries and territories worldwide, with approximately 597,018 rooms, in addition to 1,035 hotels under construction with 85,129 rooms. Choice Hotels International is the parent company of a number of hotel brands split among various market segments, in addition to a vacation rentals brand such as Quality inn.

Recently a former guest called Jocelyn from Las Vegas, NV shared her experience of staying at Quality Inn LAS VEGAS in a review she posted for CUSTOMER AFFAIRS: "DO NOT STAY HERE! The worst customer service. They did not honor a credit, reschedule, or refund for my stay, after being positively tested for COVID. They said that “I should have given them more notice”. However, I did not have any symptoms. I was required to take the test for a new job and did not get the results until I was on my drive to Zion. I was told to quarantine for 14 days. I called the hotel immediately to let them know. They were not empathetic whatsoever! This was a difficult circumstance at the moment and they closed the door on me. They immediately denied a refund. I was not so much looking for a refund but rather a reschedule in stay in the next 14 days when I am done with quarantine and they could not even offer that to me. They were very rude and unapologetic. I will NEVER book with this company again. Do yourself a favor and look to stay elsewhere! Their approach to this type of situation encourages people who are COVID positive to stay here."


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Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"No health benefits, vacation days, or any kind of special benefits."

Former Employee - Front Desk Attendant says

"Owner's were difficult to work for."

Former Employee - Front Desk says

"Management and owners are extremely uncommunicative, and even less helpful. If you asked questions they got defensive and refused to explain anything. There was basically no training and I had to teach almost everything to myself and just hope I didn't mess it up. They also just treat their employees horrible."

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"Communication barriers and keeping employees that are incapable of meeting basic needs of customers because they are rushed through their workday by management because of poor owner business management skills."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Horrible management . She had no idea what she was doing and she was rude and nasty to guest"

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"assistant manager not professional whatsoever"



Former Employee - Maintenance says

"low pay, no benefits, no raises"

Former Employee - Manager Supervisor says

"They pick and choose who they want. They need people easy at sweeping things under the rug."

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"Rude people Insane people Dirty environment Mold Mildew Stains."

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"The pay isn’t anywhere close to what you should be paid for the amount of work they ask of you. The place isn’t safe & the management is rude & racist."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was doing maintenance and the chief engineer was a bully and always criticized what I did and when I had a problem the manager wouldnt help cause it was her fiance so go figure. Bad managementEverything and anything"

Mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"Deberían de ser más responsables y tener supervisores serios y eficientesSeguro medicoLaundry lento, supervisores preferencias"

Head Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Workers there did not care about anything especially the general manager. She was a horrible manager. Made everyone else do her job. There was mice in the hotel, bugs everywhere, ants in the rooms. Horrible place."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Worked like a slave for minimum wage! Boss treated me terrible. Clean rooms but should get paid more for all that work! Nice staff and room service but they don't appreciate employees"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Don’t appreciate their employees underpaid work load heavy I was only housekeeper for months bed bugs on almost every room I tried to stick it out but I just couldn’t especially after losing my house due to storm NonePay sucks"

Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceImpossible to balance work and a home life when you work every single day. And you end up working everyday and still only having part time hours, even though they claim its a full time job. Not enough employees, the assistant head house keeper doesn't do her job and shows up drunk every single day. Managers suck and don't care about the employees in the slightest, they'll drain you if you let them.● Pay & benefitsThere's no benefits whatsoever.● ManagementI wouldnt even give them a star if I didnt have to.● OverallThey'll say its full time but its not, even with working 7 days our of the week you won't get full time hours. Theyre always short staffed and over booked and short on supplies. Managers couldn't care less about you, they'll still make sure they get their days off. This job made me feel terrible about myself. Constantly busting my rump just to be condescended and belittled."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"In addition to no form of training, the Manager will change the hours that employees have worked to ensure the company doesn't pay overtime to anyone. She will also leave without anyone's knowledge, leaving employees helpless. She picks favorites. Only way to get ahead in that company is to brown nose like there's no tomorrow. The manager has yelled at employees in front of guests countless times. Not to mention that the building needs to be completely renovated. There is mold growing in the bathrooms, guests are not given any priority when checking in. Even when guests are checking in at 4pm, no rooms are ready for the guests to be placed into. One quarter of the hotel is not operational due to no linens, as well as 30 hotel rooms no longer being in service even though nothing is wrong with the rooms. Manager is living on site in a guest suite, as well as having the penthouse suite converted into her apartment. The manager has also placed rooms out of order so her relatives can stay for free. My advice is to keep looking, because the current management of this hotel is beyond ridiculously poor. You couldn't pay me enough to stay in this hotel. I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past six years, and I am beyond mortified to have ever worked for this particular hotel.NothingNo break, Constantly standing, Very Poor Management. Lazy housekeepers"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Unhealthy work environment. I would say it's very unprofessional. Anytime I meet a former or current employee here they confirm it's not an ideal place of work. Although everyone's experience is different I personally would not recommend. Although the incestives were fantastic. For each room you do correctly you get an extra dollar on the last paycheck of the month, if you get fired you dont get the extra money that you rightly earned. Hope this helps, hope you have a great experience. Incestives to do well in roomsNot friendly, stressful work environment"

Hotel Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Watch your hours you work with your pay check.. Front Desk agents must also do the laundry for the housekeepers during your shift. Also clean front lobby when needed during your shift.NoneEverything"

Front Desk Supervisor/Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"It was the worst experience of my life. They don't pay overtime or tell you they forgot. The management tried to make it so I was paid from another property so it didn't look like overtime and half the time I didn't see that check. Management would make deals with me such as hey I'll give you $110 bucks now and I'll cash you overtime check since you really need your money. They are cheats and liars. They will cut your hours if one of their family members need work I went from over 40 hours to hardly making 16hrs a week.None that I can think ofWorking for this company"

Houseman (Former Employee) says

"Deben de cambiar el personal que labora en el quality que tengan prioridades y profesionalismo en su jornada laboral.CambiosMejor salario y trato con empleados"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place is run into the ground they will not fix anything they want a manger to work 40 hours on front desk and 25 extra hours a week doing room checks and running to store for supplies and cleaning the storage roomNothingNothing"

Front desk (Former Employee) says

"Did not have the job together. The owner had a very rude attitude and was very unprofessional. Some people who were hired just quit the same day. Very unprofessional place to work."

Night Auditor/ Front Desk Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Never work 4 Indian people. It never ends well. They are soulless creatures. Try it and see.. I had a horrible experience. The owner was running a prostitution ring on third floor. The cop said nothing about it cuz he had money. But that's what you're going to be dealing with with those type of peopleNoneRacist"

Houeskeeping (Former Employee) says

"GM will go completely against you just as well with when your talking to him in his office he will close the door and make you feel completely uncomfortable. Also too much dramaNoneEverything"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"No room to advance. Very little pay as well as actual paid hours. No incentives, raises, bonuses. Not even direct deposit is available. You'll be asked to work long hours off the clock. You'll be shorted in every aspect possible.None"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Graded with an F. Scum purchased and run. Purchaser only after money but do not clean properly or care at all. They hate america and it shows. They do not respect anyone and they insult you constantly. Big on assaulting employees also.NoneMost"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The manager and her favorited workers did absolutely nothing to help the few of us that actually did the work. The manager was very openly using drugs in her room she stayed in at the hotel and other rooms. She treated the good workers poorly by yelling and cussing at us and lying nonstop. This is a horrible place to work in my experience and the pay is not enough to live off of at all. NonePoor treatment and pay"

Room Attendant/Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Did not like how I was treated nor the company or my work position was just not my kind of work .......... Just did not like the environment........."

sean delacruz says

"This was by far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at !! The woman at the front desk was clearly high on meth and asked us for a 200 dollar deposit for incidentals. I had just stayed one week prior at a four-star hotel in downtown Phoenix that only had $150 deposit for incidentals and not only that the hotel with $150 incidentals which was literally 1000 times nicer the fee dropped off my account within a day maybe two tops this dump to be quite nice in Mesa Arizona Held my $200 for well over four days and when I called on day three to ask regarding what had happened with my deposit and why it was not refunded yet because I was in the room for about a total of 10 hours eight of which were sleeping so I know that they weren’t going to charge me for any damages to the room that could’ve possibly amounted to anything and the woman stated that they had been refunded the morning of checkout and was quite Rude about it! And also check out time is 11 well at about 8:30 AM when I had checked in at about midnight housekeeping repeatedly pounded on the door yelling if we needed service I clearly stated to her that we did not then she rudely shouted “well will you be staying another day” I told her absolutely not and not to mention what does that matter it was three hours until check out I was exhausted from work and a family emergency that had arisen which was the reason why I was staying there in the first place and I got nothing but drug attic‘s route service and woken up far more early than I wanted to also the room was terrible it stunk and was dirty there was all kinds of activity in the middle of the night going on In the front of my room area more drug attic so I’m assuming and just an overall unpleasant stay at this hotel in my opinion should be torn down I would rather there be a parking lot there than this terrible establishment I would highly recommend that nobody ever spend one cent with those people."

B.Dawn Paramore says

"When you call Choice Hotels to make a complaint about someone who did something very wrong. They tell you that the hotels are independently owned and they cannot help you, even though you've stayed with Choice Hotels enough to get enough points to get a free night. Then when you get that free night, you have a manager that steals $50 from you and I got cash back rewards from the purchase of $50 that was charged 19 min after I left the lobby after I paid $32 in cash and 6000 points. When I used my points and $32 of my money to get the hotel room she charged me another 50. Then she called the police on me and had me removed from property. Then when the police officer went in there she finally refunded my $50 but she took my $32 and my 6000 points and didn't let me stay. I had to sit in the Cracker Barrel parking lot behind the Quality inn at 4200 west I 40 service road 73108 in Oklahoma City all night. I was there for a breast cancer treatment. The unprofessional manager told a guest that I was a prostitute. I am appalled at Choice hotels and Quality Inn at 4200 West I 40 Service Road in Oklahoma City. I will never book with choice hotels ever again. I would like my $32 that I had to pay with my 6000 points because I was a gold member."

Quinten Colsen says

"Quality Inn & Suites , Mall of America , Bloomington, MN Horrible ran down hotel. The rooms are far from clean and the water in the sink ran all night called the desk three times before they moved us to another room. and the lady at the front desk was rude and most places would offer an upgrade not here it is a down grade. plus there are homeless people in the halls at night and I swear drug deals in the next room."

Teresa Tanner says

"There were roaches in my room at the quality inn and suites in Alma AK. All I got was a..I'll have to tell management.. that is absolutely disquating"

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